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No Mercy Nazi starring Cheryl Harris

She wont give no mercy whatsoever, Cheryl is fed up with airport security and is taking it out on a poor airport traffic controller, she puts all the moves on this poor victim and will not let up, from face smashing, to belly-flopping, to all kinds of scissors, head locks, trampling, plus much more, this is a total domination wrestling video with no mercy whatsoever! $39.95 + shipping and handling Order Now!

Tera Guzman - The Seminole Belle

First video ever of 4'10" muscle-packed Tera from Seminole, FL. Watch Tera pose for you in different outfits: lingerie and thong bikini - watch her awesome calves and quads as she struts up stairs ever so slowly, then walks on sea walls against water. She is very impressive and is close to contest shape - see her veins pop out as she poses and note her cute, childish smiles as she just loves to show off her stuff. $34.95 + shipping and handling Order Now!

Colette Guimond's Private Photo Shoot

This is probably Colette's greatest performance and in her most massive shape, at 5'1" and 162 lbs., she bares it all for her fans - first on Caladesi Island, FL where she also throws in a nude fishing scene, then dockside and finally indoors in very artsy fashion. Full frontal and rear spreads, you don't want to miss this exciting display of full, mature Female Muscle. 55 mins $44.95 + shipping and handling Order Now!

Tag Team Doms 2
starring Cheryl Harris with Kathy Connors, a very sexy tag

This is a team domination wrestling video where Kathy is summoned from her police beat to a call in a hotel where the gentleman then proceeds to ask her to fantasy wrestle him. Shocked at first for this unusual diversion from her daily police beat, she concedes and then disrobes herself and the client for a loaded tumble on the floor. After a while Cheryl comes back from the swimming pool to find her previous client busy on the floor with someone else - so she joins in and both girls show them what they are all about. Loaded with front and reverse face-sitting, lifts and carries, headlocks, all types of scissor holds and doubles, with an actual knockout on film as well. $39.95 + shipping and handling Order Now!

starring Cheryl Harris and Sheri from Orlando

This is a very entertaining video, loaded with drama and domination of muscle women against a masked thief who breaks into Sheri and Cheryl's abode. Sheri is home alone stretching when Zorro shows up, she surprises him with some wrestling and kicks to the balls, then ties him up for her roommate to deal with. When Cheryl arrives, all hell breaks loose as the girls thrash him around, abuse and torture him, spank him, kick him, trample him and force him to watch as the two girls get into some tussling themselves. Loaded with lifts/carries, sleeper holds, mucho double scissors, front and reverse facesitting, trash talk and much more. Well worth the price. $37.95 + shipping and handling Order Now!

Cheryl Harris Hard N Heavy

Cheryl bares all in this video of her Hard-N-Heavy Florida lifestyle from lifting heavy at the gym in gross poundages showing you her thick chest, back, bicep and leg workouts, then to hard n heavy yardwork, hard n heavy machine work in machine shop and ending in her hard n heavy ocean play showing every inch of her sculpted physique. $42.95 + shipping and handling Order Now!

Sunshine Fitness Goddesses

Starring Lauren Powers, introducing Sheri and Cassie, with a special guest appearance by IFBB PRO Beth Roberts.

Watch Lauren Powers, hard as a rock with chiselled abs, pose and strut her stuff for you in sexy and revealing outfits. She is ripped to the bone and very proud of it! Then we have two new and upcoming Bodybuilders to the scene - Sheri from Orlando, FL who is ripped to the bone, lean and unbelievably vascular. She struts her stuff in sexy mini dress and heels, then exotic belly dancer two piece and finally black garter,stockings and see-thru halter top which she bears for us to see more!!! Then Home Grown Cassie from North Carolina with a very pretty face and hair, cassie shows a lot of potential, a little more to go in dieting, but im sure she will be there on her goal - she also poses topless in lingerie for us. Finally a guest appearance of Beth Roberts at the 2002 Jacksonville Classic promoted by Iron Belle Kathy Connors. $39.95 + shipping and handling Order Now!

Frolicking Florida Belles

Meet the fun and flashy Florida belles in this compilation video of the New Tampa Belle Sharee showing tons of dominant, fiesty personality as she poses for you in black patent leather, sexy red lingerie and see-thru net and mini blue shorts in the pool. Sharee has great body lines with muscularity and femininity personified. Next watch as Cheryl Harris demasculates Spiderman in an action-packed mixed-domination wrestling segment with lots of scissors, pile-drivers, firemans carries and throws with much comedy mixed in. Topping off this video is the new-look Kathy Connors in a very lean state with outside water scenes, inside nude scenes and you won't want to miss her Whipped Cream Fantasy just for her fans. $44.95 + shipping and handling (45 minutes) Order Now!

Barbie Belles

This video compiles the magnificent body of National Competitor Michelle Tuggle from Hawaii who just placed Top Ten in the 2001 Nationals, one of the most competitive bodybuilding shows in history. Michelle shows us every inch of her ripped 153 pound body including a fully nude shower scene. Moving on to our Ft. Lauderdale Belles Kathy and Mighty Michelle boxing and wrestling, including lots of face sitting. Heading up the finale of this video is sexy, sultry, busty Heather Tristany from Woodland Hills, CA in her sensuous posing in denim hot pants, see-through net dress and bikini swimming pool - she is one hot mama!! $42.95 + shipping and handling Order Now!

Cheryl Harris in Lifts, Carries, and Muscle Control

Cheryl Harris performs 16 different lifts with a male (bodyweight of 215 lbs.) with ease and also carried and squats this weight. Also watch as Cheryl performs muscle control in all parts of her body, clothed and topless, all set to tasteful electronic music. $39.95 + s/h (50 minutes) Order Now!


Three hot and sexy bath/shower scenes: Cheryl Harris & Marie Silva, Utah, and Kathy Connors & Marie Silva. Forty minutes of undeniable pleasure and enjoyment from these lovely women as they enjoy each other, touching, petting, hugging on each other as they wash and lave. $39.95 + s/h (40 minutes) Order Now!


Female Bodybuilder Kathy Connors and Fitness Model Marie Silva in a very hot, sexy, stockings and white lingerie video- Kathy is preparing for a Bodybuilding contest and comes home to Marie who pampers her and gives her moral support for her show. Marie has a surprise for kathy and has bought her some sexy white lingerie and stockings to play in. Marie dresses Kathy in her specially bought garb and then dones her own special lingerie and stockings. The two women then procede to enjoy each other in fondling, rubbing, light wrestling. Topping this video off is a sexy bath scene where each girl washes the other and then towels dry for a hot night on the town. $44.95 + s/h Order Now!

GYM TRASHED - starring Colette Guimond and Cheryl Harris

Colette Guimond and Cheryl Harris are having a bicep and back workout but are being followed around the gym by a nosey and troublesome admirer who tries to keep up with their weights in the gym. The girls get very hot during their workout and tear off their shirts and resume training topless for the balance of the video. Gym boy will not leave them alone so after their training, both Cheryl and Colette teach gym boy a lesson by waiting for him to come out of the men's room, picking him up and throwing him down on the mats in the gym and tag-teaming him in numerous scissors (front, side, reverse), headlocks, trampling, and much more - trashing gym boy completely! Loaded with muscle-packed adventure and great comedy, a very entertaining production. $44.95 + s/h (45 minutes) Order Now!

Colette's Private Posing Collection

Colette Guimond in a very sexy, sensual posing video set to rockin' techno music shows it all indoors in elegant outfits and outdoors on the rocks over clearwater, dune posing, rock climbing all topless and then in the Gulf Ocean showing us her rock hard shapely female muscled body.

Additional photos from this photo shoot can be purchased, ten different poses from all different outfits. Notify Cheryl for more details. $44.95 + s/h (54 minutes) Order Now!


Starring Marie Silva and Cheryl Harris in a Fem vs. Fem Domination video of sensual wrestling, bondage and spanking, a hot and steamy shower scene, cool down oil massage and hair combing. There is full nudity in this video, so ADULTS ONLY. Cheryl is unhappy with Marie's flirting from their date so when she gets her home she lets her know by thrashing her around on the floor, then tying her up and spanking her bare-handed over her lap, then cooling (or should we say heating her up) off in the shower and finally a nice standing oil rub-down against the wall - all done in garters and black stockings. Cheryl finally picks up Marie and whisks her away to bed. $44.95 + s/h (50 minutes) Order Now!

MONTEREY MUSCLE BELLE - starring the ever so muscular Michelle Ivers

Meet Michelle Ivers - if muscle maturity has an image, she definitely fills it!! Large, peaked biceps, thick full-muscled bellies in her back, thick round glutes, and unbelievably thick quads with splits thru-out! Michelle displays her muscular physique above Monterey Bay in the sand dunes along with pumping up with dumbbells for us to see each fiber twitching away. She then takes it indoors in a skin tight, see-thru dress where her muscles just pop out everywhere, then a sequined bikini that is to die for, and wait we're not done yet! She throws on a gold lamee thong that is see thru - watch out my heart!! $44.95 + s/h (40 minutes) Order Now!


This is one Hot and Steamy, not to mention erotic and sensual, video of Sweet Utah from Sacramento as she dominates her sub in various ways from foot fetish, to pony rides, breast smothering and some wrestling holds, worship of Utah's mammoth mammories, also a very sensual full nude shower scene with Utah appreciating her own hard and fit body and then ending in a nude body worship massage. ADULTS ONLY (explicit nude scenes) $44.95 + s/h (58 minutes) Order Now!


You don't want to miss this sexy Pro from Canada in her first Explosive Iron Belle video bringing to you all muscle and femininity as she first takes us to the beach where she gathers quite an audience in her catamaran posing; then to the Intra-Coastal Bay for more pier-posing; then back home at Iron Belles headquarters with sexy posing to techno-music in a very skimpy two-piece. Rhonda then pumps up for us, showing us her bulging biceps, then more posing in the hot, Florida sun. She then has an exclusive wrestling lesson by Cheryl Harris, who shows us some of her many secret cards of wrestling holds. Tying up the end, Rhonda gets personal with us with her goals and some background info while she elegantly poses in her mini-skirt and sequined tube top. $44.95 + s/h (47 minutes) Order Now!


Starring Annie Rivieccio and Cheryl Harris in a Dominantion Wrestling Video of Tag Team Duo! Watch all this sensuos muscle crush and dominate Annie and Cheryl's victim and yet have him begging for more. Lots of face-sitting, school-boy pins, nelsons, lifts/carries, etc. Also a special London Rocks video of Cheryl's recent tour to London. $34.95 + s/h Order Now!

Cindy Taylor's School of Wrestling

Starring Pro Wrestler Cindy Taylor and introducing Sandra Benzaquen in an exciting, action-packed 47 minute video where Cindy teaches Sandra how to wrestle, demonstrating many different holds and sequences. Then the two massive girls arm wrestle for 2 rounds and Cindy then shows Sandra various lifts and carries. Cindy then does some dance-posing for her audience in various revealing outfits demonstrating her powerful and flexible physique. $44.95 + s/h Order Now!


European Pavla from the Czech Republic has just starred in her first Iron Belle video, proving her sweet and innocent yet crafty and coy ways with men. She has an appointment with Harvey Appelbaum to show this first-timer what muscle worship and wrestling is all about. She dominates him thoroughly in the wrestling with all kinds of scissors, grapevines, schoolboy pins and face-sitting. She then poses for you her audience in a skimpy two-piece black negligee showing her awesome personality and physique. Then it is to the beach for more posing on rocks with roaring ocean behind. $44.95 + s/h (45 minutes) Order Now!

Evil Kitty The Dominator Belle of Seattle

See Evil Kitty, Seattle's Pro Dominator, as she shows you her dark side in this 47 minute video of domination of both the male and female sex. Watch as she totally dominates Stone, her slave, into submission, also electrocution and fire domination, some lifting, and then female submission/wrestling domination. To cool off, or should we say heat up, she lets us watch as she takes a soothing shower bath. $41.95 + s/h Order Now!


Amy demonstrates her fabulous flexibility along with muscular elegance and beauty in her first Iron Belle video. Set to tasteful techno music, Amy dances, poses and does various fitness moves in different outfits. She is one sexy gal! The second half of the video shows Amy's encounter with Evil Kitty in a very sensuous/dominating fem vs. fem wrestling match. They are definitely very bad girls! $34.95 + s/h Order Now!


Iron Belles latest video stars Heather Policky, female bodybuilder from Dallas, known for her incredible quad development, 26" that is, in various sexy outfits posing, exotic dancing for you, flaunting her thickly muscled body in very sensuous movement to techno music. Heather then takes her show to the pool with more sexy posing, teasing, and taunting. $39.95 + s/h Order Now!


Starring Kathy Connors, Annie Rivieccio, Colette Guimond, Cheryl Harris

Backgrounded in tasteful Techno-Music, watch all these great bods as they lather themselves up and show you every part of their magnificent bodies. Also a special treat with Colette and Cheryl as they tub together in the buff and enjoy each others bodies. $39.95 + s/h (30 Minutes) Order Now!


See Colette in one of her best performances ever and her first IRON BELLE video! At 5'1" 155 lbs., this woman really knows how to pack it in. Colette gracefully poses for us in the beginning of the video in an elegant sexy black gown, then strips off for us to view all of her magnificent body, then she gets down on the ground and poses again topless in very sensual moves that you just won't want to miss. Her girlfriend, Cheryl Harris, comes over who she hasn't seen for a while and little to her knowledge, finds out she has had an affair with her man.

Well, then we get a one-on-one catfight where Colette just mercilessly dominates Cheryl and teaches her a lesson. Cheryl, in her remorse, then gives Colette a very sensual bath ending with a massage, a hug and a kiss signifying Friends Forever. $44.95 + s/h (40 Minutes) Order Now!


Meet Jamie Dukes, our Phoenix belle and martial artist of the group. Watch as she practices and then spars with her coach, taking him down and dominating him in face smothers and kicks below the belt. She also has a special interview at the end telling us a little about her and what type of hectic schedule she keeps. If you like women that punch, then you'll be sure to get a punch out of this one!!! $22.95 + s/h Order Now!


Meet Kathy Connors from Jacksonville, Florida in her first Iron Belle Video where she demonstrates her dominant personality with her Domme posing and role playing. Then watch as she and Ma Belle, Cheryl Harris, wrestle around in an active yet sensual match, which ends with a relaxing massage. Kathy then showers us with pleasure in her shower scene ending with nude posing. This is something you won't want to miss. $34.95 + s/h (just under 40 Minutes) Order Now!


starring Gabrielle Hames, Tami Frazer, Cheryl Harris. Three Belles all in the buff showering their absolutley fabulous bodies for your enjoyment and pleasure. See how they lather up their hard, muscular bods and take great pleasure that you love it too. $34.95 + s/h (35 Minutes) Order Now!


Meet Iron Belle Bunny, The Amazon Dominator, as she punishes her sub for being unfaithful to her, forced worship, restraints, whips, and wrestling holds, watch as this 6'3" amazon dominates and restores the faith in her sub. Also see Iron Belle Cheryl, The Teaser/Tauntress pour her hauntings on her disobedient sub who wants to fight back in her teasing/taunting and she must put him into submission and command his will. $39.95 + s/h (56 Minutes) Order Now!


After a grueling workout Madame Domme Belle relaxes in her hot tub in the woods where she is rudely interrupted by an intruder whom she aggressively teaches a lesson to by thrashing him around in the hot tub. Then she carries him into her bedroom and restrains him down while she does all forms of domination to him all the time watching and loving his verbal protests. While her intruder is restrained, she takes a very hot, steamy shower to gear her up for her revenge. You dont want to miss this exciting sequel to Madame Domme Belle. $44.95 + s/h (60 Minutes) Order Now!


RECENTLY RELEASED! Sit back in awe as you watch the Most Muscular Woman in the World - Christine Envall from Australia - pose, workout and pump up her enormous muscles in her first video debut of this kind. Also featuring Atlanta's very own Taco in a muscle worship session while Christine pumps up her muscles in the gym. With a 52" lat spread, 18" calves, and 26" quads, Christine's physique will hold you in suspense the entire length of the video. And when she pumps up each muscle individually for you, you just won't believe your eyes and what you're seeing. Also see her pose in a very sexy, feminine way in skimpy outfits. See how muscle can be sexy and feminine while very intimidating and intense. $44.95 (60 Minutes) Order Now!

You don't want to miss this never before done Menage a Trois Female vs. Female Muscle worship. Starring Carmella Cureton, Debra Dandrea and Cheryl Harris in a very sensual and erotic 25 minutes of pure female muscle pleasure. Also featured is a very sexy wrestling scene between Debra and Cheryl, both long and powerful legs entermingling amongst each other with unbelievable wrestling holds that only these two women can pull off. For those posing fans out there, we also have individual sexy lingerie posing segments of each girl. For you music lovers, all music on this video has been customized from scratch to make video watching a complete satisfaction pleasure to all your senses. $44.95 (70 Minutes) Order Now!

Don't miss the hottest, steamiest posing video of the year. Starring the best National Competitors in the Industry - Nicole Bass, Overall Winner of 97 NPC Nationals, Annie Rivvieccio, Top 10 National Competitor, Denise Gerard, 2nd place Nationals Lightweight Competitor, Sheilahe Brown, top 10 NPC National Competitor. See "ripped bodybuilders" oiling their muscles for you and then pumping them up in numerous sensuous poses just for you. $39.95 (60 Minutes) Order Now!

Starring Cheryl Harris, Pres. IRON BELLES Submission/Domination Wrestling at it's fullest and best with various lifts/carries, some muscle worship, unique holds and sequencing, face-sitting and plenty more. Hot shot Real Estate Salesman makes off with Barbella's $10,000 Investment and soon finds out the penalty for non-payment. Watch with envy as Barbella trashes Hector all over the mats, dominating and abusing him for his wrong doing. $39.95 (45 Minutes) Order Now!

You don't want to miss the video of the year. Four big Amazons in one video demonstrating their strength in various lifts/carries, and wrestling skills galore. Starring Nicole Bass and Karla Nelsen in their first down and out match between each other, also featuring Lora Ottenad and Gabrielle Hames, with special guest appearances of Sharon Marvel and Kristin Roberts. Never before has this match up of Amazons and beauty been combined in one video. This is truely a Collector's Item. $49.95 Order Now!

You don't want to miss the Grand Madame herself in a one-of-a-kind muscle worship dungeon video. Watch the Madame Domme weave her spell on her hopeless over- powered subject as he is forced to muscle worship and submit to his Mistress. You also will not want to miss the Madame in her midnight hot tub posing as she comes from out of the steamy mist and returns. $29.95 Length 30 mins. These are the 30 min. videos that can be burned on one CD-ROM for $39.95 Order Now!

Sit back, relax and enjoy as four Iron Belles pulverize one poor country-bumpkin in a hilarious battle of straw in a country barn. See two different tag teams toss and tangle Johnny boy in various holds and predicaments. Johnny boy finally gives and is wheeled away and tossed like a sack of potatos in the horse's stall. $29.95 Length 30 mins. These are the 30 min. videos that can be burned on one CD-ROM for $39.95

Lingerie modeling at its best as our four Iron Belles demonstrate their femininity and flex their awesome muscles in a frills and thrills video. Each Belle poses in two different outfits befitting their awesome physiques. $29.95 Length 30 mins. These are the 30 min. videos that can be burned on one CD-ROM for $39.95

You really don't want to miss the action packer of the year! First wrestling video in a hot tub, and boy is this one hot and steamy! Two Belles fight over the same bathing suit and then third Belle joins in the battle, slamdunking Belles, splashing and scissoring each other to the brutle end. $29.95 Length 30 mins. These are the 30 min. videos that can be burned on one CD-ROM for $39.95

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